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Developmental Behavioral and Mental Health Care

Providing you and your family with quality thorough care.

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Developmental Disorders

Lots of providers throw around the term "developmental disorders" or "neurodevelopmental disorders", but what does that REALLY mean? Well, at the root of the term, neurodevelopmental disorders are a cluster or group of disorders that occur during early development. In order words, the symptoms of these disorders are first able to be observed during childhood. The prefix "neuro" refers to...


Assessment and Intervention 



Formal psychological testing in order to determine if an individual has a specific disorder. Results are reviewed and a comprehensive written report of the results is provided for the family upon completion. The report can be shared with anyone in the individuals care team such as the school, primary care physician, employer, etc.


Therapeutic services provided for the individual, family, or parents. Skills are taught in order to manage behavior, cope with symptoms, and process experiences. Research supported treatments are adapted to meet the needs of each client. 

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